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Re: Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Utada Sensei specifically asked us to try the throw without that, so we could focus on the timing aspects.
that's why I asked if it was rather an exercise then a technique?
in any case, I don't do it very often. I believe it must be an element of surprise/illusion to make work timing. One day Sugano sensei asked us to do ikkyo omote few times and suddenly switch to this kind of aikinage. But attacker must be sure that nage will do ikkyo(that's illusion part - must be created by nage) and must give solid, well balanced attack, not overextending at all.
I think the spirit of this "technique" is very similar to legs takedown. Nage must create a kind of "black hole" and disappear under knees of attacker. If this is true, so nage must change his position during throw, by going back after turning and to "cut" knees of attacker with his body.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
And if you look at all the pictures, you might notice that I did get my feet right, at least once...

Please don't take it personally I know you many years and respect you a lot. Because of this respect I'd like to discuss with you such difficult techniques


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