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Re: Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
When Utada Sensei performed the technique, there were no openings for uke to attack Utada Sensei's back. In order to learn any technique, a student must first make all of the mistakes associated with that technique, in this case exposing his/her back.
Yes. I think mistakes are critical to learning and necessary.
If everyone has to be afraid that a picture of them trying a technique and not perfectly executing it might appear on the Internet, leading to them and their entire style being ridiculed, then they will not be able to make the necessary mistakes to really learn the technique.
Szcp,etc. is a curmudgeon, but he often makes good points (in ways not always amusing to his victims. It's amusing, too, when a swatter appears for that gadfly.) Interestingly, he has yet to post pics of himself. Modesty, no doubt (which Thoreau took to be no more than honesty in most folks...)

A balance to our own self-consciousness is taking a hard look at the SHIHAN. No one wants to be that "presumptuous", but SHIHAN are human, too, and they screw up, too, and sometimes in international demos, too. If we see their mistakes sans rose-colored glasses, we can countenance our own better--"We do not credit clever men with their follies. What a loss of human rights!" Friedrich Nietzsche in Beyone Good and Evil, # 178

Stimulating exchange. Thanks, all.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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