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Re: multiple opponents / ending fights

Just as a side note: that big guy in the yellow shirt, taking on 3 or 4 guys... he has an EXCELLENT use of his center.

Notice his posture throughout the fight? Even when all three were on him at once, he stayed over his hips and moved effectively.

I don't know who started that fight, but he did a good job holding his own.

As for the other guy, he looks like he's trained UFC style. Not much training, mind you, but enough to know to hit and move, put em down and move, stike two to the face, go after the 3rd and then move.... he did a pretty good job, considering. THAT... and the punks that had him surrounded never intended to fight. They had the guy out numbered and expected him to back down... and therefore could "win." Well, he didn't back down and all they could do then was fend for themselves. That was more of "multiple 1vs1" fights as opposed to randori, due to lack of planning and poor judgement on the part of the punk kids.

Just my thoughts on the vids

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