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Re: Aikido challenges today

Thats ok Chris, I think making our respective points can lead us down paths that are rather hard to solidify in the typed medium.
You are welcome at my dojo anytime.

Mmm, seems you have lit a candle under a couple of people.
Real strong opinions being shared.
None have all the answers and none are totally wrong.
Its perspective.
I teach 'hard aikido' so therefore might be considered a brute.
I also teach very 'gentle aikido', so therefore might be considered a *******, by certain others.

Thing is, I like to teach.
Whether a student likes to learn, is not my problem, but I often teach just one thing and still have various students give me a critique of the technique that is diametrically opposed.

Go figure.

Point here is that while we may all be on the same path,(maybe), we are most definitely on very different positions on said path.
How then can one persons perspective be invalidated if viewed from another's?
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