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Re: No Balance No Aikido

Rob, Tim...I am sorry for misunderstanding. However, I still don't get what you're talking about.


I agree that in walking there is a point where you can't unstep. Sure. I suggest that if you can slide along in your movement then that point is a lot smaller. When I watch my teachers, I don't see them look at all unbalanced. They also don't lift their feet off the ground (or at least not noticeably) when they move.

Since this thread started with the question of how important balance was, I thought the suggestion that we should be balanced half the time (or unbalanced the other half) because we're moving didn't really cut it, which is how I interpreted Rob's post.

As for being foot swept by a But my ankle's been bruised from them trying

It's a joke, jeez. Not a challenge


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