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Michael Neal
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Re: Aikido challenges today

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Nowadays, cross-training is all the rage. Rather than try to beat up the "new kid on the block," many martial artists view other sytstems as things to learn from than challenges to take one. So it's more likely a Judo person would cross-train in Aikido than march into an Aikido dojo issuing a challenge. Even MMA guys cross-train in Aikido, according to this thread I found in usenet:

When you look at arts as things to learn from instead of as potential challenges, the ego-motive to issue a challenge is gone.
As a Judoka I agree with you, Aikido has alot to offer any martial artist. I happen to believe that Aikido has weaknesses that require some crosstraining to fix, but the same can be said for other arts as well, including Judo.

Instead of making challenges maybe Judoka and Aikidoka should get together and train together during special seminars or something and show each other the benefits of each art. Aikidoka learning more about the value of randori training and Judoka learning a host of techniques that are not allowed in competition.

Right now Aikido has many "Friendship" seminars for different Aikido styles, maybe a special type should be organized to host different arts.

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