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Re: Aikido challenges today

Well said Charles! I belive once Uyeshiba saw what an attomic bomb could do he thought the same thing. Aikido works wonderfully for self development, much as it was intended to do!

Do you think that any of the original members of Daito Ryu were planing of fighting predominantly empty handed? The techniques of Aikido are clearly first and formost a weapons system. If you don't understand this you havent' been training Aikido, weather you live on the east coast, west coast or Antartica! Aikido has large number of weapons strikes, tons of parries, lots of grappleing methods for dealing with someone who attacks your weapon hand. I'm sure that you belive your sensei to be the toughest man in the whole wide world, but lets face facts, if any, and I mean ANY Aikidoka with training only in Aikido faced a person of equal size and will who was trained in a competitive empty handed fighting system, they would lose.

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