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Charles Hill
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Re: Aikido challenges today

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
But there are still full-time Aikidoka and other "stylists".
Is Aikido evolved since then that it is nor longer a real combat art?.
Yes, exactly. Aikido is no longer a real combat art. A real combat art would necessarily be firearm based, Aikido is not. In the days of challenges, to train in an art that was not martially effective meant that someone could be killed, thus the challenges. I imagine that those who nowadays teach police, for example, get challenged by the officers. Of course, what they are learning is not combat, however.

What Aikido is today is a way for self-development through hard physical, martial training. The fact that we can improve self-defense skills and combat skills is a bonus not a central point. To look to Aikido or any martial art solely for self-defense is to be lost in b-movie fantasyland, in my opinion.

If one is interested in modern day dojo busting, you could go into the dojo and tell the chief instructor that he/she is a jerk and their art is a joke. If they get angry and defensive, consider the dojo "busted" and get out. If they handle your outburst in a calm, polite manner, apologize profusely and start training right away.

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