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Re: Aikido challenges today

To all those that think Aikido is not an effective art, or a weak 'karate ryu', you are correct. Your attitude makes it such.

I happen also not to belong to that particular school of thought.

Aikido, as a 'karate' system is highly effective, just so long as the person doing the training has a budo spirit within them, rather than a sporting spirit. That goes for ANY martial art. The effectiveness is directly proportionate to the spirit with which one trains - even with-in a system that promotes itself as having a 'gentle form'.

In fact even a 'sport' done with the martial / competitive spirit, makes itself stand out as better than merely average.

Fighting spirit does not however mean brutal or base in nature.
I do not consider my technique as brutal when I lower my partner to the ground 'fast', if it was done with sufficient timing.
Indeed, I consider my best techniques to also to be the gentlest.
I just love it when I ask someone to really resist, (or speed up, or get a helper or two)and then proceed to do the technique as gently as I can, without them even beginning to resist.

I then like to qualify the situation by saying, that was probably still only a fraction of what a real street attack would be like, and to go and train your spirit, not your muscles.

PS I do understand competition and the ability to over-come another person that is resisting, (I was an amateur wrestler before Aikido) but equally, I have a far larger arsenal at my disposal that is NOT allowed in wrestling, judo, most karate competition etc, does that mean I am not to make use of this (unfair) advantage.
If the **** really hits the fan, the training that I received (and teach) should stand well against a wide variety of other 'styles', BUT equally my teaching should also allow for me to 'talk the situation down' - what other systems even has that as a concept let alone a guiding philosophy?
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