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Re: Aikido challenges today

"Secondly - nowadays why noone does it? I would love to see a less-than-10-year old videoclip of some Aikidoka taking on 5 (even one would be a start) professional judoka/boxer/whatever "sport" stylist."

But I've never heard of it. At least nothing that is supported by proper evidence.


From what i know, have seen, or heard, Aikido people just arent that interested in such a thing, much less trying to train in a way that would even be able to deal with all comers.
I think Aikido is what it is, and thats ok, because in the end its not the style that matters! You gotta be happy with what your doing or your just not gonna want to do it for very long! From what i have seen, Aikido people are happy folks who dont give a rats about being able to handle other styles, challenge matches, or whatever. So what, they are doing what they want to do, and a person that is at peace with themselves must be respected!
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