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Re: No Balance No Aikido

Rob Liberti wrote:
If you stand and get totally balanced on your two legs, you cannot move from that spot. You need to have balance, break balance, and regain balance again with every step. Since I typically move in aikido, I'd say this statement is at best a 1/2 truth.
Rob...I'd say that's a bit of an exageration. Not picking on you, but yours was the first post to talk about balance this way.

The idea that one is always struggling to regain balance when walking and running is a common thing to say, but really only applies to toddlers who are learning to walk/run.

Perhaps a better way of saying it is that walking is constantly moving your balance. At any point in the motion of walking you should not feel unbalanced. Running is the same as is riding a bike.

Aikido should probably be the same way. Think about suriashi and how to maintain your balance while sliding forward. At any point you should be able to stop completely balanced. Pivoting should give you the same feeling. Crosstepping is also the same.

I think Chris summed it up best with the phrase "balance is dynamic". You should always feel balanced. If you ever feel unbalanced, you should probably review what you are doing and figure out why.

So, I maintain that balance is key and learning to move with balance throughout a technique is what makes Aikido dynamicly strong.

Just a thought,


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