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Chris Birke
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Re: No Balance No Aikido

Well, I have a heathens attitude on this matter. So I apologize.

Platitudes aside, people are always in motion. Our hearts beat, we breath in and out, tiny fibers within our muscles rachet, cellular processes continue...

The shifting atmospheric pressure pushes in on us, the floor pushes up, our friend pushes us over.

It's always in motion, even when you perceive stillness.

To extend this, balance is dynamic.
There is a clear difference between being balanced on a bike, and unbalanced. Or balanced upon a horse, or balanced with your training partner as you both connect in motion, or stable as they attempt to move out from under you. Even skydivers have a sense of balance (not spinning around out of control - I guess this applies to space as well, but I havn't been there...)

Balance to me isn't only about connection to the ground. Gravity is a primary force, yes, often it's the greatest one we must contend with for balance, but it isn't the only one.

I have trouble defining balance, but perhaps it is a place where you have internalized the forces placed upon you such that you can move with control. I try to think of all the examples of balance, and look for a common theme, and that's what comes to mind. It is a very dynamic thing.

And in those situations where the force acting upon you is much stronger than gravity, my sense of balance maintains that you must see that force as a new ground to be dealt with in addition to the one you were standing on.
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