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Re: No Balance No Aikido

Khaled Abdullah wrote:
my quistion is:
how can I mentain my balance?
is there any kind of solo training helps me to do my aikido with proper balance.

1. Focus your mind at your one-point (roughly 4 fingers below your navel or when tensing your stomach muscles, the point below the band of tension you feel)
2. Relax Completely (or more accurately - become conscious of and let go of any muscle tension that is counterproductive to what you are doing)
3. Keep Weight Underside (whether standing or sitting, imagine you are floating, if someone comes along and tries to lift part of you - all of you has to move up - don't forget no. 1 and 2 above.)
4. Extend Ki (have positive mind, positive feeling extending out in all directions from your one-point)

do the above while practice breathing slowly (inhale through nose and exhale through your mouth) while sitting upright in a chair or seiza or standing or walking.

do it daily for a year.

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