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Originally posted by Frank Alberta
I absolutely meant no argument or conflict by posting here. I only stated what I thought were several options and my experiance. As a matter of fact I gave the exact two answers you provided above yet I I was seemingly told by several of the posts that my view was wrong or worthless.

I do apologise if I got my back up a little but I really did not expect that here.

Think about this. Does this really matter that much to you? It absolutely does NOT to me.

"Teach with every word. Love with every action. Care with every moment"

What really matters
Hi Frank.

Don't sweat it. We all get carried away from time to time. Myself probably more than most. I like it acually because at least people are bringing themselves to the table and not the someone they think they should be.

Erik, who is wondering where that voice of reason is coming from.

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