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Originally posted by giriasis


I have no problems with Segal Sensei. I just can't stand it when only people say "you have to meet him" to make a decision. I am sure there are people like yourself who are out there who can answer a simple enough question. I am responding to a standard "blow off" diversion type response that hopes people will stop asking questions about controversial issues. They won't and they might as well allow people to make informed decisions otherwise the worst will come true and the rumors will spread.

These people's opinions though mean that your view and the video you suggest are worthless. Because in their view the only informed view is hands on experience. So that means Nate would have to train with Segal sensei at one of his dojos with his students. That is the best choice. But the problem is that that best choice can not be exercised so Nate will never have an informed decision. So they rather not have Nate ask the question in the first place.

I disagree because I feel there are good alternatives. I believe that there are folks out there who can offer a rather reasonable and educated view and Nate is intelligent enough to decide whether it is credible enough information to base an informed decision on.

Well, I can go one.

Anne Marie

I absolutely meant no argument or conflict by posting here. I only stated what I thought were several options and my experiance. As a matter of fact I gave the exact two answers you provided above yet I I was seemingly told by several of the posts that my view was wrong or worthless.

I do apologise if I got my back up a little but I really did not expect that here.

Think about this. Does this really matter that much to you? It absolutely does NOT to me.

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What really matters


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