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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Jeremy Young wrote:
What i like about aikido and particularly harder-styles like Yoshinkan, is that you can vary your the technique applied to fit the situation.
We should be able to adjust our techniques to be anything from simple evasions/escapes to breaks & hardcore throws....regardless of style.

Jeremy Young wrote:
I mean you can lower the intensity of the technique to say control the person without causing them any harm or even maim or kill say if the person is a drugged attacker coming with the purpose of killing you.
I agree but it has been my experience, and the experience of the people I've trained under (others will disagree), that it is easier and more natural to ADD intentsity to baseline technique that is softer* and less prone to injuring uke than it is to SUBTRACT intensity from baseline technique that is harder* and more prone to injuring uke.

*I use softer and harder for lack of better terminology...I do not really care for those distinctions.


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