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Jeremy Young
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Re: causing no (serious) harm

i wonder if that idea of leaving the person unharmed has to do with what "style" of aikido you are training. for example, aikido taught through the Yoshinkan is considered "hard-style". If I remember correctly it is because Gozo Shioda was studying with O'sensei in his younger years. Even O'sensei had this hard background (daito-ryu aikijujutsu??) since these were originally combat techniques. Granted, this is me speaking from the Very small amount of knowledge i have on the subject, but those are my ideas. What i like about aikido and particularly harder-styles like Yoshinkan, is that you can vary your the technique applied to fit the situation. I mean you can lower the intensity of the technique to say control the person without causing them any harm or even maim or kill say if the person is a drugged attacker coming with the purpose of killing you. Anyways, these are my scattered thoughts on the subject...hope i was easy to understand!
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