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Re: No Balance No Aikido

Khaled Abdullah wrote:
Hi every1
I've been told this title by a martial arts expert I met him the other day in a plane.

he was sitting next to me. he told about his 4th dan in judo and his 5th dan in karate.WOW
he despise any other martial arts except my true love ( aikido ).
Assaimulaikum Khaled,
Your friend is great indeed to have proficiency in two very good arts. However I doubt he despise other martial art, it is very unlikely word from a highly accomplished MA. I do not think it is an appropriate behaviour for someone who is an accomplished MA to be despiseful anyway.

he says aikido is very complicated martial art and depending on your balance.
Yes aikido can be complicated to learn. But then all MA depends on balance, so it is not specific to aikido alone.

how can I maintain my balance?
is there any kind of solo training helps me to do my aikido with proper balance.
Practice practice and more practice. And since my background is from the Yoshinkan school, I find my balance by clocking in a substantial am out of kihon waza (basic movement).

A quote from the founder of Yoshinkan school, G. Shioda Kancho, "Everything start from the basic and then return to the basic."

Hope this helps.

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