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Re: Equitable?

The point I've been making is that this sort of discussion is absurd. Women statistically cannot compete fairly on a one to one basis with equally trained larger men in a martial art.
Well, well, well. Sorry I missed out on all THIS fun. Mike, people are entitled to their opinions and I'll not begrude you yours. However, statistically speaking, generallizations are never a good way to speak. You can contend all day long about "women" this and that, but I pity you saying such things in the dojo of Mary Heiny Sensei or Patricia Hendricks Sensei.

You speak in broad generalizations about "women." Big mistake.
You speak in a lofty and erudite manner about "women." Another big mistake.

Will you ever pay for speaking is such ways? Not likely, no. But I'd pay top dollar to be there the day you eat your words.

Have a nice day!

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