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Ron Tisdale
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Boulder Aikikai Spring Seminar

Hi All,

I would like to thank Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei and the Boulder Aikikai for sharing their spring seminar with Yukio Utada Sensei and the Doshinkan dojo. My dojo mates and I really appreciated your warm welcome and fine training. I hope that anyone I met on the mat will say hi on-line...I'm really bad with names, but I'd like to stay in contact with you all. Since my brother lives near Boulder, I hope to visit again soon.

I'd also like to thank Utada Sensei for his teaching there. I really appreciate his openness and ability. Its a privilege to study under a really forward thinking instructor.

I really enjoyed the entire seminar. I'm thinking about some new ways to do reviews besides just listing techniques and thanking folks...but I haven't come up with a format yet. If I do, I'll post it under this thread.

Best wishes to all,

Ron Tisdale
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