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Originally posted by Jim23
Colleen, Ubaldo and others.

Frank, "Go To and read the site and order the tape he has out ... if you really want to know, this is how to know as much as you can ..."

Yeah, right. Let him tell us.

Ever heard of the expression "figjam man"? ... "F**k I'm great, just ask me".

Hi again,

I can honestly say that it seems several of you are unhappy or even mad with a man you have never met. A simple question was asked if you read the origional beginning of the thread of how to learn more about Steven Seagal.

I also would like to point out the (tape) I mentioned has very little of Seagal Sensei speaking at all. It is of his students and reflects just about every concern you all have in this thread. If you were to believe it was staged then you need not to have a discussion as your minds are allready made up.

As far as Figjam is concerned, you may keep that little ditty for yourself. And why are your posts so anonoymous?

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