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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Dave Organ wrote:
how serious are you about teaching?
Do you show up for class and say "OK, gang, what do you want to learn today? OK, let's try that."
Do you spend hours a few days before class studying material, writing and revising lesson plans, and rehearse a class until it shines?
I am not the schools instructor, but am almost always paired up with a lower ranked student. I start by going through the basic techniques, and usually find something that needs work. It could be off balancing, timing etc. If I find the student is solid in the basics, I would ask them what they want to go over. They could pick a technique, and I would give them fine points to work on, and show them variations for different scenarios, or I would show them how certain techniques are linked just in case one would fail to work.

In the Tomiki Aikido that I learn, each of the basic techniques are made up of different parts that can be interchanged, making the basic 17 techniques turn into an endless amount of material to cover.

I never come to class with a lesson plan, I just adapt to the person I'm training.
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