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Wink Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hi Ron,

Your post got me thinking.
Where the Daito ryu people miffed at him for teaching what he tought in the name of Daito ryu?
I used the word a little faciciously...but I guess you'll have to reach your own conclusions. On the one hand, Takeda Sensei said something like 'what Ueshiba has taught you is for the next level"...on the other hand, its said that he tried to meet up with Ueshiba, and couldn't...and he did take over that dojo. I can't claim to have the definitive answer. Read some of the interviews and research at aikido journal.

I heard that O-sensei took on all challenges. You'd think that someone from his old Daito ryu school would have done just that if they were miffed with him. (Unless, changing the name got him out of the dog house.)
My own opinion is that it got him out of the dog house...and its hard to challenge someone if you can't find them because they disappear every time you come to town. And please, realize that I mean no disrespect to either party by saying these things. I think we should also realize that there may have been some issues about money and prestige involved.

I really must see things differently from you but from my perspective, you have consistently stated that you are not bothered by the things Mike has written which have offended others, and yet you have commented on your disatisfaction with those people's responses. Shouldn't those responses "just pass by" you too? I mean no offense. I really can't see where you must be coming from.
Hmm...I try not to be bothered by some things in Mike's the past, it stopped me from getting interesting perspectives. I actually am friendly with and appreciative of the others who are posting who disagree with Mike (yourself included). How can I put this...I see the same problems you do (and I believe I have said that before...), I have posted quotes from people I felt Mike misrepresented, and I don't believe I have commented too much or too strongly on other people's responses.

I just feel if we let some of the snide remarks pass, we can continue to have a good conversation. I've seen Peter G. have productive conversations with some of the banes of these forums (I don't think names are needed here ). All I'm saying is that maybe we could look at how he does that...and that I could use some of his skill too. I should add that my closing sentence was as much for Mike as for anyone one else...And that all should feel free to ignore it. After all, I've got my own distastefull quirks...


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