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Anne Marie,

I agree 100% with Ubaldo: if we rely on what others say about a person to form an opinion, or even start to form an opinion, then not only is that not very Aiki in my book, but we might as well believe everything anonymous's ex-sensei said about her after they didn't have a other words, it's name is actually gossip, and it should never be what we use to judge a person.
It is not Segal Sensei's place to be accessible, any more than any other famous sensei, or famous person, or person period. If it is important to him to gain her endorsement, then I am sure he will make himself available. In his case, he is not only a famous sensei, he is also a movie star, and there is just not enough of him to be always accessible to everyone who wants to meet him. Although Jim, I'm sure his people ARE trying to get through .
I am fortunate enough to have had favors granted to me from three of O Sensei's direct students, two of whom arranged the favor via others (uchideshi, wife) which was totally fine with me---they were obviously busy, and that WITHOUT the movie star obligations.
Unless we are in a position to study under them, or within their organizations, I don't see that there is a lot of need for us to judge any of the 'names' in Aikido. If you can study under them, then check them out, let them check you out, and go from there. If not, then it really doesn't matter to them or to you what you think of them, does it?
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