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Kristina Morris
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If you're going to ask why should a person make a living at teaching Aikido, then you have to ask why not. According to the poll, there is a percentage or responses that think a person should_ not_ make a living at teaching Aikido.
I'd be interested in knowing those reasons. I don't see teaching Aikido as a profession (for a living) any different then any other livelihood. If that is a person's calling, and they can make a living at it, then do it.

I think what a lot of people are afraid of is that it will become a commercial enterprise. Fees will increase, contracts required, (some dojos already have them), or the purity of the art itself will be compromised because the driving force behind the dojo will be bringing in the money to support the instructor. Then there is always the commercial factor of marketing goods. What about all theAikido tapes available to the consumer? Is that any different from earning a living from a dojo? I don't think so. It brings money in to someone/or some dojo.

I'd like to know how the first Japanese instructors who came to the States earned a living while trying to establish Aikido dojos. How did they do it without earning a living from Aikido? Was there support from Japan?

It's an interesting question. Any other thoughts from the gallery?

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