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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Hi Ron,

Your post got me thinking. Were the Daito ryu people miffed at him for teaching what he taught in the name of Daito ryu? I have heard that O-sensei took on all challenges. You'd think that someone from his old Daito ryu school would have done just that if they were miffed with him. (Unless, changing the name got him out of the dog house.)

As to the side issue: My opinion is that it has a lot more to do with Mike's previous description of how _he_ would like to see this online forum as a virtual dojo, where _he_ decided who was a sempai, dohai, and kohai, and seemed to treat people according to _his_ ranking system.

I really must see things differently from you but from my perspective, you have consistently stated that you are not bothered by the things Mike has written which have offended others, and yet you have commented on your disatisfaction with those people's responses. Shouldn't those responses "just pass by" you too? I mean no offense. I really can't see where you must be coming from.


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