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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

and there's not a big mystery why O-Sensei thought his art was different than Aiki-jujitsu ... it's actually pretty high level if you look at it as being at heart a system that uses sophisticated kokyu controls in an engagement.
Hi Mike (your friend passed on your greeting...thanks for having him get in touch),
I'm not sure I can agree with that and kokyu seem (from my novice point of view) to be
be at a pretty high level in Daito ryu (both then and now)...they also speak of aiki needing to happen at the moment of contact, and demonstrate the same. Daito ryu sources might say that the reason he changed the name of his art is that his teacher was a bit miffed with him...miffed enough to stroll into a dojo of Ueshiba's in Osaka and take over the instruction there. Not to mention a time when Ueshiba at least seemed to find it best to be elsewhere when his teacher came calling. Both good reasons for changing the name of what he did, technical reasons aside. Just a thought...

As to the side issues here, I note that Peter Goldsbury seems as always to stay above the fray somehow...I'm still trying to learn how to do that myself. It seems one way is to let any personal comments just pass by. I hope to do so more and more often (perfect practice might actually have a chance to make perfect).


PS Hi James B. good to see you posting. Missed you!

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