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Frank Alberta
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I really dont know if I would be happy being famous. I would have to subject my family and self to this sort of thing every day.

Steven Seagal Shihan has proven time and time again that his part in this whole thing is to promote peace and Aikido as O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba had done. NEVER have you heard about Seagal Sensei being arrested or even suspected in any brawls or problems. Other than People magazine ( a shit rag ) as Sensei Seagal has stated. Acused him of such behavor and NEVER proved it.

Want to know more about Steven Seagal Shihan and his way?

Go To and read the site and order the tape he has out. I am in no way doing a commercial but if you really want to know, this is how to know as much as you can as Steven Seagal Shihan is unreachable unless you train under him through Makoto Dojo in Ventura Ca. or Ten Shin Taos Kihon Dojo In NM.
and test for Dan ranking at his house.



Frank Alberta
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