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Re: Traditional Suburi Training?

As far as I have been told, ken only goes behind the back in suburi nr1, and thats because itīs also a warm up and a stretch. In suburi 2-7 and all the kumitachi and awase exercises it should at maximum drop down to horizontal level( but even that feels kind of slow).
Many different dojos practice Iwama-style weapons, not as many practices them as they should be practiced. I have seen some incredibly sloppy and powerless Iwama-style weapons in non Iwama-style dojos.

Purpose of suburi-training that I can come up with on short notice: Integrating hip movement and breathing, developing a feeling of "center", training zanshin, learning to thrust with a whole body movement instead of just the arms. And of course learning basic cuts and thrusts so that you can do the awase and kumitachi/jo (and with them train on rhythm, distance, movements.......)
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