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Re: Poll: Which aspect of aikido training is most important for you?

Craig Hocker wrote:
without the mental, the physical is twitching fibers with no direction.
Without the physical you might as well be at home reading a book or posting to the Internet.....

Seriously, most people spend a great deal of time in the mental realm. When we think about a situation, we are reflecting on it, removing ourselves from it, creating a separation between us and it. The physical realm is the experiential. It is the here and now. It is within the realm of the experiential that we can unite the mental, physical, spiritual aspects of ourselves with things that we mentally see as separate.
The physical aspect of Aikido is crucial to understanding all of that nonsense babble that your Sensei spouts (if or whenever he/she spouts it). Just reading Terry Dobson's "Aikido in Everyday Life", you might gain some insight, but for those that practice Aikido, they "understand" what he's talking about.
Without the physical practice, "you can't hear Jimmy".
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