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Re: Traditional Suburi Training?

Mr. Zalinski -

With all respect, you are wrong - entirely so. There is no extant kenjutsu system which subscribes to any of your three propositions.
1) If you are turning tenkan and trying to avoid your sword entangling with another weapon, that means that it is so close to you that when you raise your arms, that sword will slice right through the arteries under your armpits - for one example.
2) Appearing open to draw in the enemy is an interesting proposition - but you will not be able to deploy that weapon in either offense or defense without getting their weapon skewering your throat (this happens all the time in kendo matches when one person raises their weapon too high - to use a modern example that can easily be seen)
3) Appearing confident. Someone in a high domineering jodan posture may appear fresh and confident. Someone with their sword behind their back with arms raised high appears clueless. Our flagging warrior will merely response with gratitude that this enemy, at least, is easy to kill.

Ellis Amdur

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