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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

Size matters when you are trying to set up a competition because you are trying to negate size/strength differences in favor of technical skill. Weight classes exist because when you have two combatants, that is two people who have agreed to fight and stay engaged to the end, the longer the engagement lasts the more likely large physcial differences (size/strength/endurance) will trump technical skill. Especially true if you are agreeing to play the same game. Especially when the opponent is allowed to fall on a soft mat and the rules allow him to recover for another go.

In fairness to the Judoka, Tohei did know their game and he was playing a game they didn't know at a very high level.

A similar thing happened when the Gracies showed up with the UFC. They set up their game. Later it evolved so that others like Shamrock learned their game and came in physically bigger and stronger.

I don't think it is a delusion that a smaller person can take someone out in SD situation with technical skill. But if you expect to go toe-to-toe like John Wayne in "The Quiet Man", you had better be a physical match for their size.

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