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Re: Poll: Which aspect of aikido training is most important for you?

I chose mental. All three aspects are developed at once, but in ratios perhaps. Right now I'd say my gain is 60% mental, 20-30% physical, and only 20-10% spiritual. I have confidence in my body, it will do what I ask, but I don't know how to ask it.

I'm about 180 lbs of track star, I used to run the 110 meter high-hurdles (10 of them, 1 meter high) in 15.3 seconds. One might say I can move forward. But, ask me to actively meet an attack by an uke half my weight, and I reflexively step back and offline. It might be a valid option in a real situation, but it's against the point of the current excercise, see what I mean?

So I am trying to train my brain. I'm also aware of, and look forward to, the benefit training provides for in the other two categories listed.

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