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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

Nathan Gusdorf wrote:
I did Aikido for the 2003-2004 school year, and then had to stop due to my water polo schedule. Now I am back and I'm very happy. One of the things I love about Aikido is the fact that there are no weight classes and that a weak old man can throw an opponent much taller heavier and stronger than him across the room. This de-emphasis of strength seems to set Aikido apart from most other martial arts. It is often compared to Judo, which I understand because of the joint-lock/grappling style of fighting however the approach seems to be completely different. Are there any other martial arts that have a similar approach that does not emphasize physical strength?
That's the sentiment I was responding to. The beleif that the lack of weight class in Aikido is due to a something intrinsic in the art that takes away the advantage of size, rather than simply being due to the lack of sporting application (i.e. vs motivated resistance)

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