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Re: Re: Rephrased Question

Hi Jun;

Originally posted by akiy

I remember one instance of Saotome sensei talking about his training when he was an uchideshi. He simple said that a lot of people these days are happy to train for eight to ten hours every week, but he said he trained that amount pretty much every single day.
That's the nice thing about being uchi-deshi it's your job. No distractions and no travelling to the dojo.
It's not just the number of hours, either, that impresses me; it's also the peers with whom people like him trained..
Well to be a world class ping pong player you need to train with world class ping pong players. It's not enough that the teacher was a world champion but the level of your peers.

Most of your interaction in class is with fellow students. Training with multiple yudansha who in turn came from a class with multiple yudansha is something that is not easily duplicated.

There is another factor which I think has a lot to do with the sentiments of the old guys. These days so many come in with pre-conceptions of the philosophy of Aikido - in the old days the deshi who joined Ueshiba were interested in his Budo not his religion. Not saying you can't have both - but many want to hide in the latter and this is not discouraged.

I doubt very much I would have survived training at the Kobukan. No nice cushy mats, no my toe hurts excuses (I used that one last week), and just about everyone had broken bones to remember.

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