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Re: Traditional Suburi Training?

With all due respect: I did some inquiry regarding the idea of Shioda requesting Saito succeed him. This rumor was certainly was not supported by the Yoshinkan people I spoke with. I personally find it unbelievable. There have been discussions about how Shioda seemed to be doing something different from even his top disciples. Maybe so, maybe not - but one thing is clear. He was extremely meticulous in the curriculum of the Yoshinkan. How it was taught, what was taught. There is no doubt that he had respect for Saito. But to request that he take over the organization would be a betrayal of his life's-work. As if one of the Yang family of t'ai chi sought out a younger member of the Chen clan and asked him to take over the Yang system.

My name was mentioned earlier in regards to commenting on Saito sensei's sword work. I really don't have much to say. I think he used the training (as well as hitting a tire) as a great method in body-building and in developing a weapon's practice which supported his own taijutsu. I was never interested in what he was doing, the weapons training I learned being far different in form and purpose.


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