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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

James Bostwick wrote:

Thanks for the post. I didn't want to have to delve into the books and do the typing myself. I think Chris Curtis left out the Hawaii challenge in his e-mail. I wonder if that means there was also footage of the San Jose challenge, as he stated, or if he blended together Hawaii and San Jose into one event? I'm thinking the latter, given my conversations with some of the Hawaii crowd, including Suzuki Sensei some years back.
From what I can figure out, there should be two films, one for each event. Assuming they both survived the years.

Although Hawaii was the first time for Tohei to do a randori, there is a 1930's Japanese propaganda film of the founder doing a randori type demonstration.

For us, this is all history, but at the time it seems it was a pretty close thing. Those judo guys could have easily handed back Tohei's head on a platter, if he hadn't been able to figure out things on-the-fly.

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