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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

Christopher Li wrote:
It's based upon his own statements in "Ki no Kakuritsu". He was unhappy with the focus on purely physical technique, and with his inability to deal with the larger Judo players, so he was looking around when he got an introduction to Ueshiba. To be more exact he says "Because I was small, when I had a match with larger opponents I couldn't equal them".
Here's some more grist for the mill:

Also, having been away from judo for nearly two years, by the time I got my second dan, everybody else was already ranked fourth or fifth dan. Even many of the third dans had progressed so far ahead of me that they could throw me all over the place. That wasn't very interesting and it wasn't much fun, either.

Hoping to strengthen myself, I went home and started kicking lightly at the support pillars around the house. After doing that a couple of thousand times a day, though, the walls started to come down. My elder sister wasn't very pleased about that and made me go outside in the garden instead. After a few weeks I got so I could move my feet with the same agility and dexterity as my hands. I went back to the dojo and was able to throw everybody.
If Tohei's story is an accurate representation of his abilities--I have no idea if it is--he appears to have transcended the stage you mentioned. That's why when I asked you if you were privy to outside info, I thought you might know someone who was there.

Anyway, problems with larger opponents are endemic to any martial art aren't they?
And prison yards too.

James Bostwick
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