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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Mike Sigman wrote:
Once again, Shaun, you've done nothing but personally attack. So I take it the last thing you have to say on kokyu is: It's a direct quote. Why don't we just leave it there along with your repeated personal attacks and mischaracterizations of what I've said? I'll be glad to respond to any substantive discussion about the issues.


Mike Sigman


You get back what you put out. I, for one am not here to garner any information, from you, or otherwise. If I was really interested in what you had to say, I would show up at one of your events, pay the fee and do the work. Therefore, I am not really concerned whether the likes of you care for me or not. However, you, one who seems to be interested in pilfering information from those on the board want to do so without paying the fee, which in this case is in the form of respect for those who just might have something which you seek.

As for mischaracterizing you, I have not done so in any way, shape or form. I merely stepped up and said to you what everyone is saying, both to you here on the board and behind your back. We all want to understand why a guy who says he wants to learn so much about the "ura" side of aikido, can't even get past lesson one, that being that martial arts begin with respect and end with respect. Sure, what may happen in between can and will take many forms, but you have to get beyond the first bow, which you have yet to do. You see, it really isn't what you know, think you know or otherwise that matters at all here. We all know you know something, but in truth, based on your disrespectful nature, who really cares?

I have on several occasions put all your insulting B.S. aside and bowed down in an effort to move things forward. You either haven't noticed, don't care to notice or are unable to notice that it is your turn to step up and acknowledge where you have been full of yourself.

I said directly to you in my last post that, once again, you have been disrespectful. And once again, in your last post you step over it without an apology. If that is your way of being, and it is your only way of being, well that is your right. I will not judge you for it. However, even in a debate there are both rules of debate and rules of decorum. When it comes to debating, while winning may be important, for me it is not first and foremost. To do so without observing the rules of decorum would be in bad fashion. However, when one person takes the gloves off, spits in their hand and slaps others in the face, as you so often do, it becomes less about debating within the rules as it does about just winning simply to uphold the higher truth, and not let those who take the low road to get off without equal reciprocity. Speaking clearly, while you may believe this to be a conversation about kokyu, it is in this case more about you being disrespectful of the Art, of the Founder, of the Senior teachers and even us lowly forum members. If you don't like being called a jerk, stop acting like one, or worse, pretending that you don't, or that it doesn't matter that you do. Do you think that you would get away with that on the mat with Tohei Sensei, Abe Sensei, Shioda Sensei, or the like? Obviously not - you would be thrown out of the dojo, or even more likely, just allowed to pay your tuition, never being given much information at all and left to wonder why there was not substance in aikido. Oh, wait, isn't that what already happened to you in Aikido? Isn't that why you said that you left? Well, low and behold, yes, yes, that is what you said. Yet, here you are again back with the same old questions, and the same old lousy attitude. Do you really imagine that the results will be any different? Obviously not.

So, when it comes to your statement of "So I take it the last thing you have to say on kokyu is..." separate from the fact that as usual you have misread what I said, and therefore drawn an incorrect conclusion about it, What I will say is - no it is not the last thing I have to say about kokyu, but until you sincerely apologize for crapping on the feet of those from whom you say you are interested in obtaining information, it is the last thing about kokyu I will say to you. However, I do reserve the right to come back here and say that you are acting like an ass when you do so, whether you like it or not, or consider even consider it germane to a conversation about kokyu.

Oh, one last thing, as for this not being a conversation about martial arts... perhaps that is where you should take a step back and take another look, as it may be at the very source of your misguided foray into Aikido forums, wherever they may be found. You see, when it comes to martial artists, it doesn't matter if you are talking about the weather - it is always martial arts, all the time. While making that mistake here on the boards is bound to result in a minimum of karmic effect back into your life, doing so in your life may result in someone taking offense and ending your life for you in short order. Hopefully in that case your standing postures will measure up to the level which you like to bandy them about here on the AikiWeb board.


I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.
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