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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

James Bostwick wrote:
You might be privy to info I'm not, Chris. But my understanding is that at some point, he had little difficulty with Judoka and therefore left from lack of interest--not that there wasn't a period of struggle intermixed.

Regardless, there's a reason for weight classes in Judo, so problems with bigger opponents seems to be pretty endemic to the sport itself.
It's based upon his own statements in "Ki no Kakuritsu". He was unhappy with the focus on purely physical technique, and with his inability to deal with the larger Judo players, so he was looking around when he got an introduction to Ueshiba. To be more exact he says "Because I was small, when I had a match with larger opponents I couldn't equal them".

Anyway, problems with larger opponents are endemic to any martial art aren't they?



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