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Arrow Rephrased Question

This tread was created to help gain an understanding of the following posting from another thread.

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard on essence of aikido thread
Read the Masters of Aikido volume published by Aikido Journal. Almost uniformly the old Deshi cmplain that Aikido has lost its heart, that people are going through hollow motions but do not have the foundation of hard training to back up what they are doing. I was surprised at the consensus amoungst teachers who are otherwise quite different.
As has been said, Hard Training could mean different things to different people or even different things to the same person. Let me rephrase the question.

If Mr. Ledyard is correct, I'm assuming that he is, since I don't have the book Aikido Masters to discount it, then what do you think the founder's students are complaining about? What is it in today's aikido training that O Sensei's students sees missing?

Are they just a group of old aikidoists who remember their training as special because of nostalgia? Or is there something truly different from the way people train today, as opposed to how they used to train.

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