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Michael Mackenzie
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Re: Traditional Suburi Training?

it's fun to look at something that is not orthodox (in whatever your idea of the orthodox is) and approach it in terms not of "this isn't orthodox so it must be wrong or inferior" but in terms of "there may be a solid reason for why it's done this way... I wonder what that could be?". I have no idea why someone would swing that far, but perhaps is serves a purpose.
Hi Mike,

Please don't take my previous comments as disrespectful of the Iwama ryu. I honestly don't know what the back part of the swing is about, can anyone here make a suggestion?

He looks pretty powerful, as in the kind of power you develop from doing something correctly many, many times. Pretty impressive.
Saito was unbelievably powerful. Even a cursory look at footage of Saito shows that he didn't necesarily rely on cooperative ukes... For your research it might be interesting to note that at one time Shioda and Saito were in negotiations for Saito Sensei to take over the Yoshinkan. Ponder the why's and how's of that one, if you will.

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