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Re: Tohei throwing Judoka in Hawaii?

I got some responses from different places i've posted this query:


Kohei was in Hawaii in 1953 and he was familiar with judo because hehad done it as a child (continuing into university judo) before
starting in aikido.

"Tohei-sensei was born in 1920 and grew up in an upper class Japanese family, north of Tokyo. He was sickly as a child and was introduced to Judo and Zen by his father, a 4th dan in Judo, to try to strengthen his constitution. By fifteen, Tohei had acheived 1st dan in Judo and later 2nd dan (by 19)." (


And I got this reply from the Head of Hawaii Aikido.


Dear Charlie,

In 1953 Tohei Sensei was in San Jose, California, promoting Aikido and wanting to draw attention to the art. He attended the All-American Judo Championships there. After the contest, when the 5 champions had been selected (from the 5 different categories), he stated that he would take all five of them on at the same time. He did so, and they were unable to hold him as he threw them in all directions. They were quite confused and disturbed that their strength and great skill meant nothing in the face of this small man. This was all recorded on the Pathe' News, which played in theatres before the movie in those days, and was shown on Maui. Here Shinichi Suzuki Sensei saw this video, shortly before Tohei Sensei came to teach the police on Maui, and Maui Ki-Aikido was born. Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the film and do not know who does.

Thanks for your interest, and keep up your training.


Christopher Curtis
Chief Instructor
Hawaii Ki Federation
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