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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Actually, since you've quoted my e-mail, I'll also quote the message I sent subsequently, in the same series of communications, to clarify my position in the matter.

The point is that there are different "flavors" of Ki. That it's all Ki is not the point. Getting thrown/punched by two practitioners of Ki-related arts can often feel different and result in varying effect. The energy may be the same, but the concentration/channeling may differ. It is my contention that the body dynamics often flow from this manipulation of Ki. But it goes without saying that some forms of kinesthetics are simply expedient for a given battlefield or combat situation, and born more of practicality than esoteric practices.
I'll also add that I was not saying that Tohei's Ki was unique. Just that you are not necessarily qualified to say that you know what he's doing with it because you have a background in Chinese arts and have watched him on film.

But this shouldn't be a Tohei-centric discussion, the same objections can be applied to your views on Abe, Shioda, and Tada. You are qualified to have opinions in this matter (everyone with a login and password is) but it is not gospel, simply because you say it's so. And people who take umbrage with your generalizations are not necessarily enemies to be slain and ridiculed. You're in a public forum, anyone can respond within the rules of this site. If you're having difficulty with that, then you may need to consider gathering your information through other means.

But at this point, we've beaten this to death. The last word is yours.

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