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Re: Teaching the names of techniques.

Perhaps it may not be relevant, but at my Hapkido dojang naming techniques is made much simpler by not using the Korean names. All classes are taught in English and the techniques are categorized (none are actually named individually) in English. Techniques are categorized by the type of attack (uke's action, such at a wrist grab or straight punch) and the type of defense (nage's action, such as a throw). To illustrate how this works: the first set of attacks in Aikido would be "defense against straight hand grab: twisting," and if I was performing these techniques my uke would grab my wrist and I would respond by applying a twist (joint-lock) to the uke. Similarly if I was performing "defense against side kick: foot strikes" my uke would side kick me and I would respond by counter attacking him with some sort of kick. Individual techniques in the various categories are either numbered or given informal names (informal names can be very creative, examples: chicken wing, waiter throw, 3 elbows). I find that this system works very well and does not add the burden of learning another language to a student also trying to learn techniques.
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