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Re: Teaching the names of techniques.

Mary Eastland wrote:
Perhaps (and I mean this in the gentlest way) you could take the energy you are putting into thinking that your dojo is doing it incorrectly into really listening to the names when they are stated and then repeating them to yourself. I have found that when I really pay attention, it is not so hard to remember them.
I don't think there is a gentle way to say what you just said. In fact, if I were to dramatize it I would say it sounds a bit rude.. You make it sound like I never even tried to memorize the names to begin with and that I spend my time and energy griping about it instead of "just doing it". I trust this is not how you meant it?

But just in case someone do think so, I can assure them, this is not the case. And if I have given such an impression then I have done a poor job representing myself here.

If this is the overall impression then I can state that I have the outmost respect for all of my senseis and I wouldn't have lasted one week in Aikido to begin with if it wasn't so. In fact if it weren't for one of them in particular I would never have gotten through my first month and I would never have gotten to know other Budo-arts such as Jodo.

But that of course doesn't mean I have to agree with exactly everything my senseis do and say. If it were so, for instance, then Swedish Aikido would never have evolved into the excellent state it is in today. (for those who know Swedish Aikido history will know what I mean)

I sinply believe that in this particular case there can be a little more emphasis on the names of the techniques which we are suppose to learn. It is not a super-serious issue, I can train without knowing the names (up to a point obviously), but I also see no reason why this particular part of aikido-training must be neglected, nor have I been given a clear reason by my senseis either.

I put my thoughts on this subject on this forum, (and alot of other subjects for that matter), for the simple reason that this hub is one of the major arteries of information about Aikido and it's members have always provided valueble advice, (which they have most certainly done in this case ), and put their own thoughts bout the subject out in the open which is always interesting to read.

Thats basicly my attitude bout this subject. I hope it's worthy of respect.

Oh, thanks for the vocabulary link Don_Modesto, I'll print it out and put it on my wall

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