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Re: Traditional Suburi Training?

All right,

Seeing no one has bitten I'll take a whirl at it. My teacher, Doug Skoyles, has a yoshinkan background but has gone on to learn from other teachers, so I don't know where this comes from...

Stand in basic posture, right foot in front, knees bent, weight largely between the feet but slightly more to the front (like 60%).

Hands are the full width of the hilt. left hand at the bottom with the pinky almost off the hilt. There can be a slight feeling of the hands pulling apart. We always grab everyting little finger, ring finger, middle finger, thumb, with some form of extension through the index finger and some form of anchor through the pinky finger.

Practice cuts for us are driven by the breath. On the inhale as the body fills, the sword is pushed up via the legs, hips, waist and left hand. The right hand is basically a guide. On the exhale it comes down the same way, with the left hand pulling this time. The weight shifts slightly to the backfoot on the inhale and the front foot on the exhale, but you really don't need to move much. In our dojo we never use any resistance training, ie hitting a tire.

So there's a rough start. Whose next?!

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