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Re: Teaching the names of techniques.

Please remember that O Sensei did not have any names for techniques, so far as I understand.

In the prewar Kobukan there was ikkajo, nikajo, sankajo, etc up to gokajo (this means No. 1, 2, 3 etc), but after gokajo, everything was oyowaza. Occasionally he talked of irimi, but there were no names as we know them. From a friend who received his shodan from O Sensei, I heard that, when practising kotegaeshi, O Sensei came up and said, "I hear this technique is called kote-gaeshi: it is a very good name." Obviously, he had not thought of it himself.

So it is very good to have names for techniques, and this is especially important for grading tests, but this is not how O Sensei conceived the art. I am not making any judgments here, simply pointing out how aikido has changed.

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