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Re: Teaching the names of techniques.

I figured this was my project, not my teachers', so I started keeping notes on each technique we were taught. If I didn't have a name for it, I waited until I'd seen it a few times and then asked for one (usually after class). It's much easier to learn a name once you start to recognize the technique than it is to attach an unfamiliar word to an unfamiliar move.

Later on I'd try to deduce or guess the name and ask--"Is this tenchinage?" When I was wrong the explanation was often very helpful.

The one hazard I've found is that if you know the technique names much better than your seniors, it can lead to various forms of embarrassment.... Oh, and if you train in more than one place, it can lead to immense vocabulary confusion. The names are really not standardized; worse, the same name can refer to a different throw between schools. "Kokyu dosa" is probably the worst offender I've seen; you never know *what* that term is going to mean from one school to the next.

If you learn vocabulary from a book or the Web, be sure it's the same style of aikido as yours, or be prepared for confusion....

Mary Kaye
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