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Re: what does religion say about ki?

religion is the pursuit of: God
ki is the pursuit of: Power
Check that,

Religion might be the pursuit of God

Ki is the sneakers you've got on to catch up to that sonofa%$^#@!

Like others basically said,

Ki is between you and the universe,

God is between you and God

God being that all-encompassing type, kinda like the universe, oh, and Ki kinda like permeating everything, thus encompassing it, um, wait, am I talking about god, ki, or the physical universe? There's so much room to move around in these three seemingly different arenas. Maybe they're the same arena.

At least 99.999999% percent of the eyeball you're using to read this right now is empty space, same goes for the screen, same goes for lead, feathers, the moon. The matter of You never touches anything in the sense we understand, and right now you are slowly diffusing into your clothing, or at least into the chair you may, or may not, be seated in, and it into you.

Two atoms brought within a certain distance of any other atom in all the universe results in a repulsive force between those atoms. Both atoms are shifted due to this, the one with more momentum 'moves' the other. This in turn affects atoms bonded to the atom 'moved', so on and so forth, and before you know it you're looking up at nage, glad they didn't diffuse you all the way into the mat...

Sounds a bit like Ki, eh? Just because I didn't talk about it doesn't mean i ruled out god, or the divine. I only know a teensy bit about the universe, which is still a lot more than i know about god, or the divine.

Happy Friday


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